Student Organization Event Registration Form


  • Includes Greek Life social events.
  • This form must be submitted at least one (1) week prior to the event start date.
  • If event has more than 100 anticipated attendees, the form must be submitted one (1) month in advance.


Event Contact Coordinator Information

Sponsoring Student Organization Name:

Contact Person Name:

Contact Person Phone Numbers:

Campus: Mobile:

Contact Person Email Addresses:

Campus: Other:


Event Details

Type of Event:

Educational Program
Other - Please Specify:


Interest Meeting
Panel Discussion
Regular Meeting
      Date of Meeting:

Name of Event:   Date of Event:  

Event Location/Venue:  

Event Start Time:   Event End Time:  

Thursday night events must end by 12 midnight
Friday and Saturday events must end by 2 a.m.

Event Description:

Anticipated Attendance:   Maximum Attendance:  


Event Equipment Information

Sound, Lights and Data Projector/Screen:

Additional Lighting
Yes No

Data Projector Screen
Yes No

AV Tech *
Yes No

* Tech rates range from $12.00 to $20.00 per hour, depending on the date of the event and the the request for a tech is submitted.

Other Equipment:

Event Catering:

(All Leggett Center catering must be provided by Aramark)
Yes No


Security Information:

  • Student organizations are required to pay for security for all parties / large-scale events
  • For off-campus activities, the organizations are required to hire their own security

Will security be required?   Yes No     If yes, how many officers?  

Coverage Time Begins:   Coverage Time Ends:  



Complete ONLY if alcohol will be present
Common sources of alcohol are prohibited, please refer to Major Facts for more information.

BYOB 3rd Party Vendor

Event Monitors:

  • At least two (2) event monitors must be "on duty" for the entire activity to handle any problems or incidents that may occur
  • There should be at least 1 event monitor per 25 attendees

Please list monitors' names and mobile phone numbers below:

Name: Mobile #:

Name: Mobile #:

Name: Mobile #:

Name: Mobile #:

Name: Mobile #:

Name: Mobile #:

This event contract maintains that:

  • The sponsoring Student Organization(s) is accountable, liable, and responsible for all conduct, safety and consequences that occur directly or indirectly from the program/event.
  • All students must abide by state laws, local laws, and Millsaps College Policy.
  • Millsaps College has a legal responsibility and authority to maximize safety, limit liability and require sponsoring Student Organization(s) to work towards these same ends.
  • By signing below, I/We acknowledge that the Millsaps College policies of conduct, alcohol, and other pertinent regulations including, but not limited to, those found in Major Facts have been read and understood by the organization. 
  • Any changes in conditions described in this contract must be agreed upon in writing by all parties one (1) week prior to event.
  • The Student Organization agrees to fully indemnify and hold harmless Millsaps College from any and all claims, demands, and causes of action. The Student Organization understands and agrees that its acceptance of responsibility includes acceptance of sanctions, which may be imposed as described below.
  • If the College determines that additional facilities and services (e.g. additional security) are needed, the Student Organization agrees to accept those facilities and services as a condition of approval for the event. The Student Organization understands and agrees that the provision of such facilities and services by the college does not diminish the responsibility of the student organizations as described in the contract for the event.
  • SANCTIONS: Any Student Organization held responsible for the event or event relates incidents or conduct as described above is subject to any or all of the following sanctions.
    1. Permanent or temporary removal of the organizations recognition with the College.
    2. Permanent or temporary removal of all rights including use of College facilities or use of the College name.
    3. Financial and civil liability for all claims arising from the event.
  • Responsibility attributed for incidents as described above may subject the individual Student Organization's leadership, membership, or student governing agency to similar sanctions or other under the Student Code of Conduct.

Signature (typing your name serves as your signature):

By clicking "Submit" below, your organization agrees to abide by the terms of this contract.




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